This webcam lets you look around Linlithgow Canal Centre and see what’s going on.  The webcam, funded by Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Town Management Group, was installed by LUCS and Pride & Passion Linlithgow.  Its operating costs are funded by LUCS.

Pride and Passion Linlithgow is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to develop a tourism culture in Linlithgow.

During the day, the camera shows a number of views, first looking west, then moving eastwards and back to the starting point.  It shows the westerly view from 5pm until 8am.

For a full screen view, click on the white rectangle bottom right of the image display.  Click bottom right rectangle again or use “Esc” to return to the web page view.

You can see the previous 12 hours by using the red time bar at the foot of the image.