Leamington is a small traditional styled narrow boat that is 30ft long with a diesel engine.  There is a small enclosed cabin and an open foredeck (with curtains), a toilet and a sink.  There are no cooking facilities and she is unheated.

OurFleetLeamington2She has been operated by LUCS since 2003 when British Waterways (now Scottish Canals) offered LUCS the use of Leamington (formerly Bracken) subject to an income sharing agreement.  As one of the few day self-hire boats on the Scottish Lowland Canals she has proved to be extremely popular.

OurFleetLeamington1Over the winter of 2014/15 a significant amount of work has been done to enhance Leamington.  This includes cutting away the cabin over the engine compartment to provide more external seating and improve access; a new toilet and improved cabin interior.


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